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CHΛRLEY™ Magnesium Sport

Manages: Cramps, Sore Muscles, Achy Joints
$ 24.95 
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Harness the power of nature with our best-selling magnesium-based solution! Charley is designed to tackle pain and inflammation, stop cramps on contact, enhance your performance, and speed up your recovery. Combined with therapeutic grade essential oils and plant botanicals, Charley is a force of nature guaranteed to take you to the next level!

  • All natural pain relief
  • Highly bio-available Magnesium
  • Reduces sore muscles and achy joints
  • Stops cramps on contact
  • Reduces Inflammation And Fatigue
  • Improves Recovery Time
  • Enhances Performance
  • Increases Circulation
  • Fast acting Easy to apply
  • Absorbs quickly into skin
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils and plant botanicals

Rub or spray on to cramping muscles and achy joints. Massage in for maximum benefit and absorption. Do not use on broken, damaged or irritated skin. May cause a slight tingling or itching sensation on sensitive skin. After application, you may notice a slight salt-like mineral residue remaining when the solution dries. This is normal, especially in dry climates or heated indoor areas, and varies with skin type. It is preferable to apply Charley to clean skin, as cosmetic products, including sunscreen, can hinder uptake of magnesium ions by the skin.

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What our Customers have to say about

CHΛRLEY™ Magnesium Sport

My personal trainer recommended this for me, when I am awaken in the middle of the night with cramps that make me jump out of bed, I quickly grab for this, immediate relief with just a couple of sprays. you won’t be disappointed. smells good & is quick relief.

- Logan

Charley Gel has contributed to reducing pain in my groin related to my metastatic cancer and recent inability to exercise vigorously nor stretch. I had not used essential oils or homeopathic solutions much in the past but Jody patiently educated me on the mechanisms and benefits. I tested it in isolation by stopping Charley Gel use for 2 days, groin pain returned, then I restarted Charley Gel and within a day the groin pain again subsided. Now it is a daily part of my pain reduction tools and techniques, along with a custom oil Jody formulated for me based on my medical history and diet. Thank you Jody!

- Arthur

Not only do I use this Charley Gel, but I have recommended it to three people and they each have used the product for several months now. Each one of them have different uses: Ted has sore knees (due to arthritis I believe) and Charley Gel relieves the pain in his knees. Arlene uses Charley Gel on her hands when they get stiff and after application she can soon easily open and close her hands and make a fist. Marcelo uses the gel on his hands which reduces the pain and stiffness in his finger(s). Personally I use Charley Gel for sore/stiff muscles (neck, back, and shoulders). The product has a pleasant scent when applying and further dissipates quickly. Start with small amount when applying as a little goes a long way. Excellent product!

- Scott

Working with my hands all day, I suffer from aches and pain. Charley Magnesium Sports Gel has relieved my pain within 10 mins. I highly recommend this product and look forward to trying the rest of the products on the line.

- Barbara

ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL FOR ATHLETES!!! I’ve currently been using Charley Gel for almost a year and it has worked wonders for me. Not only does it soothe aches and pains, but is a key tool in my recovery. As I’m currently training for a marathon, I’ve used Charley Gel to help ease my aches and soreness from all the miles. If you’re an athlete, you’d be foolish not to have this in your arsenal of recovery tools!!

- Brian

I’m not normally a big fan of the different sport rubs out on the market. I’ve tried them all, and other than a warm, cool, or tingly sensation on the skin, I’ve never got much relief from any of them. After being turned in to the Charley Magnesium Sports Gel, I feel I’ve finally found one that works for me. After having it rubbed into the muscle for just a few minutes, I definitely get relief and relaxation in the muscle. It’s without a doubt, MUCH better than any sport rub that I’ve ever tried in the past. Excellent for back pain!! ??

- Bobby

Instant cooling calmness is the perfect description. I use this on my foot and calves since that’s where I am always sore, and My aches are instantly soothed. I like that it’s not sticky or oily, and the scent isn’t overpowering either. I also gave it to my mother who has rheumatoid arthritis. 

- Francisca

I’m on my 3rd one now. I use it on my lower back which is always an issue and when I’m sore after lifting. It makes a difference. The consistency of the gel is really good. It’s not greasy and dries pretty fast. It has a nice smell that is not overpowering either. It has a slight cooling feeling on the skin, While it is infused with good essential oils, it makes a nice base to customize it with others too if you like. I will continue to use it. Thanks!

- Gabe

I run Obstacle Course Races so i’m always sore and get massive cramps during the race. It is compact enough to fit into my hydropack so if I need it out on the course, I can get instant relief. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t feel like you have anything on you. They also have a spray version of Charley which I like to use at night before I go to bed! HIGHLY recommend for anyone who experiences cramps, soreness, and everyone needs some topical magnesium in their life!

- Haydee

This gel works wonders for me!! If you don’t have this in your cart you need to add it. RIGHT NOW! I promise you won’t regret it! For as much as I workout, I need a great recovery supplement so I can keep on going. Tami and Taylor really know what they are doing here with their products, and I’m my opinion this is one of their best!!!

- Taryn

I use Ache and Charley together for several of my injuries. It gives me needed relief when it seems that nothing could help me. I have consistently used this product for over 2 years when needed and I will never go without.

- Shelly

This products is amazing. Helps relief pain, and soreness. I broke my knee a year ago, and this product worked wonders with the pain. It’s a must try product. <3

- Susie


Caution: Possible skin sensitivity. Always test a small amount first for sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician before handling. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Keep out of reach of children. For aromatic and topical use only, not for internal use.








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what our Community is saying

"Ninja training requires ninja recovery. Charley keeps me in the game.”

- Crystal, American Ninja Warrior & Fitness Coach

“I have been using Charley after my total knee replacement. It took the swelling down immediately. I use it daily to reduce the pain and stiffness.”

- Deeann, 76 years old & walking 3 miles a day

“Before I discovered Charley, I used to take days off work after a Spartan Race to recover. Now I can skip the painful recovery!”

- Josh, Spartan & Owner of World Class Gym

“Besides my husband, Shelter is the only thing I can’t live without!"

- Jenny

"Ninja training requires ninja recovery. Charley keeps me in the game.”

- Crystal, American Ninja Warrior & Fitness Coach

“I have been using Charley after my total knee replacement. It took the swelling down immediately. I use it daily to reduce the pain and stiffness.”

Steve - Deeann, 76 years old & walking 3 miles a day